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Installation of "Red Zone Light" on a Highway Care Trailer: What is Red Zone?

Highway Care have developed an idea from the A14 IDT and implemented it into their daily operations. All operatives who have worked on the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon Bypass project require red zone training before entering the site.

What is the Red Zone?

The red zone is the 360-degree area surrounding a plant, crane or excavator which operatives should not enter while the plant is in operation. The red zone makes the operating team aware that it is a lifting area, and no one should be in this vicinity.

Red Zone Light Innovation

The idea of the red zone has been modified to suit the needs and safety of the operations team installing BG800 temporary barrier on other road projects. The red zone light ensures that operatives do not miss the lifting area, where barrier is being moved to and from the trailer. The aim is to keep everyone those on site, particularly those working near the trailer, safe.

Highway Care are currently trialling the red zone area light but plan to install it on every trailer once the COVID-19 crisis has passed and the fabrication team are back to work.

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