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M20 Smart Motorway J 3-5, BG800, Kier

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Project Breakdown

Client: Kier

Location: M20 Smart Motorway J 3-5

Live dates: June 2018 - March 2020

Product: BG800 temporary barrier and crash cushions

Project background

This project involved a 10.5 km stretch of the M20 between junction 3 at West Malling and Junction 5 at Aylesford being upgraded to an all-lane running smart motorway. Highway Care were instructed to work with Kier to install approximately 18.5km of BG800 N2 W2 at any one time and approximately 27 crash cushions, to allow three live, narrow lanes to operate under a 50 mph speed limit, while road works took place in the other lane.

BG800 N2 W2 barrier was installed to maximise working areas, so that road workers could complete the construction of the new road layout and while they were working in the central reserve to replace the metal barrier with a solid concrete barrier.

During the project there was also a requirement for the Teapot Lane Footbridge replacement, over the weekend of 16th – 17th November 2018, with the road opening 24 hours earlier than expected.


Due to the location of the M20, Highway Care operatives based in the South East were able to deploy at short notice to the site.

Around 10 operatives were required for this scale of installation, which is normal for a project of this scale. The team averaged an installation rate of 230 metres an hour of BG800 N2 W2.