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Mini Light Arrows, Dawson Group Road Sweepers

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Mini Light Arrows (MLA) are a great way to draw attention to a smaller, traffic management or road maintenance contractor vehicle. The MLA is ideal for smaller vehicles as it is lightweight but is still visible over a long-distance. There is also the option for a vertical lift of the MLA.

Project Breakdown

We supplied 10 mini light arrows to Dawson Group Sweepers who organised the fitting on behalf of a number of road maintenance contractors for their road sweepers.

Paul Brewer, Operations Director Dawson Group Sweepers said:

'We are very happy with the service that Highway Care and Phil Jeeves provided. Right from the request to delivery, it was very quick and professional.'

Some Dawson Group Sweepers are being repurposed as street washers to help with the COVID-19 crisis, which can be seen here in the below video. What a fantastic idea!

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