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Tertu TimberRail: Top 6 Reasons Why it's the top choice VRS for Local Authorities and Housing

What is the Tertu TimberRail?

Tertu TimberRail is a range of high performance, quality, timber clad permanent vehicle restraint systems.

These systems boast the strength and performance of steel, with the look of timber. Quite simply, they are beautiful, timber VRSs which are tested to high capabilities.

Local authorities and housing developers with an eye to providing road safety measures in urban or rural housing developments or countryside and national park areas, should consider the aesthetics of Tertu TimberRail barriers. These durable and high-quality crash barriers have an attractive appearance that complements any area and provide sustainable credentials that cannot be beaten.

Read on to find out the reasons why it is the top choice permanent VRS for local authorities, housing developers and national parks.

1. Safety for housing development residents Tertu TimberRails can be used to add safety and protection to local housing developments and existing communities, while also providing an attractive neighbourhood feature that looks at home anywhere. Road safety is just as important in the countryside and areas of outstanding natural beauty, so these attractive crash barriers provide a scenic safety barrier for any rural roadway, motorway or dual carriageway in the UK. 2. The beauty of natural wood crash barriers

Adding a wooden appearance to a steel road barrier gives a natural, can give a countrified appearance to any location. Not only that, it also provides the strength of a steel crash barrier needed to maintain community safety. These barriers have scenic appeal in their own right, yet can also reduce fatal road accidents and injuries considerably.

The Tertu TimberRail features attractive Douglas Fir logs, yet are combined with steel profiles for the enhanced strength needed to ensure a reduction of road accidents in any location.

3. Strength of steel for protection

These steel-backed guard barriers offer environmental appeal and green credentials, while offering increased overall safety for pedestrians, motorcyclists and road users. There are a variety of Tertu TimberRails, which all offer different levels of protection to suit any type of road and budget. A variety of different logs can also be used if preferred. Tertu TimberRail VRSs also meet every containment level specification. The steel innards of the crash barriers proves innate strength and safety, while the Douglas fir logs give a natural look which compliments any new housing development or national park perfectly. The wood is finished with a natural preservative, which enhances its appearance further and extends life to well beyond 20 years. 4. Sustainable log crash barriers with durability and long lifespan Douglas fir is a resinous tree, renowned for its durability and natural strength. Tertu is a French brand, and Douglas fir is commonly produced in the local Normandy region, although Tertu are happy to use different log finishes if required. All TimberRail products are labelled with the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) endorsement, which is confirmation that the trees used are sourced by way of sustainable French forest management planning.

5. Capturing carbon dioxide Another sustainable feature of these wood safety rails is that the wood will capture atmospheric carbon dioxide, with one cubic metre of wood storing around a tonne of carbon dioxide.

6. Recycle at the end

When the wooden barriers reach the end of their lifespan, they can also be recycled and it's possible to simply replace affected barriers with new ones, so there's no requirement for an entirely new road barrier system. A win/win for the environment!

I'm interested in finding out more, what next? Highway Care supply a wide variety of Tertu TimberRail barriers to suit different types of UK carriageways and local development needs.

Get in touch with us to find out more ways Tertu TimberRail can be used to enhance urban, rural and city developments. Call us on +44 (0)344 840 0088. Click here to view more road barrier solutions.