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TMO Highways Reach High Speed Goals with the help of Highway Care

Highway Care have supplied TMO Highways with two bespoke, Red X, VLA Impact Protection Vehicles for use in their high speed division on a long-term rental contract.

TMO Highways specifically requested the BF70 MSV Iveco specification and build for the new Red X IPV, complete with heavy-duty Safe Stop 90™ lorry mounted crash cushions, after discussions with their traffic management operatives on the ground around what their needs as road crews were.

“We chose the Red X system because TMO Highways want to introduce the latest innovations to the business.” Explains Dave Kingsbury, Operations Director of High Speed at TMO Highways.

The requirement for a Red X light arrow is due to TMO’s work on the high speed network when lanes require closure. Highway Care’s Red X operates via dual lamp technology, which can be seen from a distance much more effectively than others on the market. It also operates a dual function red 'X' convoy vehicle no overtaking and light arrow sign, compliant to NHSS 12c mobile lane closure traffic management.

The BF70 MSV Ivecos are also fitted with Highway Care’s heavy-duty Safe Stop 90™ crash cushions, which absorb rear-end impacts at speeds of up to 68 mph (110 kph compliant to TD49/07), and can be deployed at a travelling speed of up to 55 mph.

"The quick functioning light arrows and the LED lights around the sandbags are the parts my team are really pleased about. Anything that makes their life as traffic ops easier and keeps them as safe as possible is well worth doing.” Continues Mr Kingsbury.

The specification was never a problem for Highway Care and extras were always added with no questions, even those requested after the initial delivery of the vehicles.

The vehicles are also TMO Highways branded, another bespoke part of the build which Highway Care were happy to facilitate, with their vehicle branding contacts at Bevan Group. After some inevitable delays due to Brexit and then COVID-19, the team sorted the IPVs as quickly as they could and kept TMO informed along the way.

“At TMO we are looking forward to working with the Highway Care team again in the months and years to come, as we look to push the high speed division to the next level. We know that Highway Care will support us on this with our needs.

TMO were very impressed with the personal touch, when a socially distanced handover with Rob Lowe, Business Development Manager for the South, took place with Dave Kingsbury, to complete a technical and aesthetic check of the vehicles in person. Not only do the IPVs look the part, they will help to ensure road workers and motorists are kept safe.

The drivers are really excited to get on the roads with these, I just hope they take care of them!" Concluded Mr Kingsbury.

“The collaboration with TMO Highways on this bespoke IPV project is really exciting for us as a business. Working with TMO so closely to completely meet their needs, with safety and innovation being the main focus, is what we strive for and we are delighted it has been such a success.” Miles Boyd, Commercial Director Highways Division, Highway Care

For IPV enquiries in the South please contact Business Development Manager Rob Lowe, or enquiries in the North contact Business Development Manager Andy Farrar,

Or call +44 (0)344 840 0088