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Urban Focused Crash Cushion line Launched!

Highway Care have launched a ground-breaking line of crash cushions and end terminals specifically designed for urban, low-speed environments of under 80 km/h.

The range of innovative, urban road-safety products were designed with city and town centres in mind. Protection is now possible for road-side hazards such as road signs, trees and telephone and CCTV poles, while also lowering the risk of harm to motorcyclists, motorists and even pedestrians.

Janus crash cushion with cctv pole
The Janus crash cushion

Hazards present in low-speed environments such as town and city areas, can now be protected. Pedestrians can also be offered protection by using chamfered edges rather than sharp corners. For wider hazards which could be hit at either end, the Janus crash cushion will absorb any impacts.

Powder coating options mean the safety and robustness of steel won’t be compromised when the aesthetics of timber are required, when connecting a low-speed end terminal to a Tertu TimberRail.

Miles Boyd, Commercial Director said:

"The drive for intelligent urban and city street scenes over the past decade has introduced the networks users to a landscape of new hazards, CCTV, ANPR, Speed Cameras, Smart Bus Shelters, Weather Stations all to name a few, presenting a serious level of risk and personal injury to the occupants of wayward vehicles upon impact.

We looked at the developments on “high speed” roads over the last 15 years and the introduction of large-scale / high speed energy absorbing terminal ends

and crash cushions, which successfully supported significant reductions in road fatalities, and decided that there had to be a solution to offer the same, if not better, level of safety

for the urban commuters and city bound professional road users alike.

At Highway Care we fully understand that successful safety solutions need to be practical, effective, reliant and fit within their environment, which set the scene perfectly for us to introduce our new range of EN1317 compliant Urban Crash Cushions and Terminal Ends.

Listening to leading safety governing bodies and key contractors, our new portfolio of P2 End Terminals and Crash Cushions support several anchoring options to suit even the most “services” laden roads / pavements and have significantly reduced physical lengths to combat the lack of available room.

Matching this with performance ratings of 50km/h and 80km/h and along with an innovative deformable and replaceable impact cartridge design they really are a future proofed product to continue to offer assurance and safety long past the initial capital investment, not to mention exemplary life cycle costs due to their reusability.”

The latest in urban environment road-safety

Ermes P2 End Terminal is tested to speeds of up to 80 km/h and comes with a powder coated option to create a seamless link with the Tertu TimberRail vehicle restraint system. This unique feature provides a solution to designers and local authorities who want an aesthetic look of barrier with the safety features of steel in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, National Parks and housing estates.

Ermes P2 End Terminal powder coated on astro turf
Ermes P2 revolutionary powder coating option

Janus Crash Cushion can already be seen on some stretches of dual carriageways in Kent, protecting against lower speeds of 50 km/h and 80 km/h. The Janus is a two-ended crash cushion, enabling the width of the road-side hazard to be completely protected.

Armadillo Crash Cushion Ideal for low speed and local roads to protect roadside hazards. A yellow coloured, aluminium rounded covering is available to offer protection for areas where motorcyclists could be particularly vulnerable.

yellow Armadillo crash cushion at junction
Armadillo crash cushion protection

City Crash Cushion for low speed and local road hazards including short sign posts, with chamfered corners to prevent risk of harm to pedestrians


Tree Crash Cushion to offer protection for motorists against trees and is also has chamfered corners for safety of pedestrians. Panels are adjustable in length to suit varying widths of tree hazards.

Tree crash cushion protecting road users and pedestrians
Tree crash cushion blending into nature
Why choose our urban crash cushions?
  • Varying anchor details: support inner city areas and shallow lying services

  • Best in class: lifecycle maintenance costs

  • Reduced repair time: interchangeable replacement parts

  • UK Stock: with UK service and parts back up

  • Low-speed crash cushions for all types of roadside hazard widths, including telephone and CCTV poles, trees and signage

  • Unique chamfered corners and aluminium cover options for added safety to pedestrians and motorcyclists

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