Barrier Gates

SOSEC - Vehicle Incursion Gate

The SOSEC vehicle incursion gate provides a mobile, stand alone, solar-powered and reusable access system. It creates a safer environment for workers, reducing the need for manual management at site access points and protecting against vehicle incursions.

The SOSEC barrier can be deployed quickly to provide instant security; improving site safety by limiting access and preventing unauthorised work site incursions, both on the motorway and for off-road work sites. The SOSEC vehicle incursion gate is the perfect solution for long-term security site access on major road projects.


  • Mobile - self powered and reuseable system
  • Simple to install and relocate - delivered ready to site
  • Solar and battery powered - no mains electric required
  • Reduces need for personnel to manage multiple works access areas
  • Eliminates risk of injury at works access
  • Surface mounted vehicle detector senses movement to quickly lift


  • LED lights for easy access visibility
  • 700 m remote control access
  • Mobile phone key - calls barrier directly from specified list of phones
  • Intercom - allows site visitors to contact the site office for entry
  • Key code for independent access or short range fob for quick access
  • Pedestrian access gate option (SOSEC Combi)


  • Speed ramp to create an even more robust system and act as another deterrent for incursions
  • Digital timer for busy periods
Max Length4 m
Clear Passage3 m
Height2 m
Max Width1.5 m
Weight650 kg

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