Temporary Vehicle Restraint Systems

Road Zipper® Quickchange® moveable Barrier System

The Road Zipper® is a unique moveable barrier system for both managed lanes and construction applications. Designed to create a flexible and positive traffic barrier between opposing lanes of traffic, contraflows or between motorists and construction work zones. With low-deflection properties, Road Zipper® offers W4 performance even as an unanchored system.

The barrier is composed of heavily reinforced 1 metre interlocking concrete sections that can be lifted and repositioned by the Road Zipper® to create additional work zone space for a construction crew.

The machine is set at a height where the barrier can be lifted approximately 76 mm off of the road surface through a series of carrier wheels and placed on the opposite lane side.

Standards, Testing & Performance

The Road Zipper® system has been tested in accordance with EN1317 and meets N2 W4 and H2 W6 performance standards. Accepted for use on Highways England roads.

Containment Levels & Working Width Class

N2 W4, H2 W6

Construction Projects

Road Zipper® offers real-time lane reconfiguration which allows for rapid stage changes with minimal traffic distribution to create additional work zone space for construction crews. Ideal for use on major highway reconstruction projects, such as smart motorway and road widening schemes, significantly accelerating the construction process while reducing congestion by enabling more lanes to be open during peak times.​


  • Increase work zone capacity
  • Reduces construction time and costs
  • Reduced road closure stages
  • Rapid stage changing

Managed Lanes

In managed lanes application the Road Zipper® is designed to increase capacity and reduce congestion by making more efficient use of available road space. The deployment of the moveable barrier provides protection to eliminate crossover accidents. The Road Zipper® can transfer a mile of moveable barrier in less than 10 minutes, a ‘fast build’ solution to optimising traffic flow.


  • Improves highway capacity
  • Improves traffic flow
  • Elimination of crossover accidents
  • Temporary or permanent applications

The Road Zipper® is to be operated by trained personnel that hold a Certificate of Training issued by Highway Care Ltd or Barrier Systems Inc.

    Transfer Speed7 mph (11 km/h)
    Roading Speed20 mph (32 km/h)
    Lateral TransferUp to 5.5 m per transfer
    Transfer Time3 km < 20 mins
    Test LevelEN1317 N2 W4 | EN1317 H2 W6

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