Road Barrier Systems

Tau crash cushion family

TAU crash cushion systems are re-directive crash cushions, which are easily repaired and have low-life cycle costs. Included in the TAU family are the original TAU crash cushion and the TAU Tube.

TAU crash cushion systems can shield hazards with widths up to 3.1 m and are suited to all road types, including roadway hazards such as the ends of rigid concrete barriers, steel barriers, bridge piers and signs.

Each TAU System is suitable for all road types. The modular construction minimises costs, decreases installation and repair times and means less exposure to hazards for highways operatives. TAU systems are particularly resistant to side re-directive impact damage and have low life cycle costs in comparison with alternative similar products.

TAU crash cushion's compact size means it requires less space and parts while still offering protection for motorists.

Standards, Testing & Performance

The TAU family of crash cushions have been tested at different performance levels in accordance with EN 1317 Part 3.


  • Absorbs impact of up to 110 km/h in less than 6 metres
  • Modular construction for minimal costs
  • Reduced installation and repair times
  • Very resistant to side redirective impact damage
  • Galvanized steel frame with aluminum energy absorbing modules and excellent impact performance
  • Available lengths range from 2 to 6 metres
  • Removable "on plate version"


  • Easily installed
  • High performance
  • Connects to steel or concrete barriers
Dimensions1,900 - 5,900 mm
Width850 - 2,600 mm
Height820 mm
Weight500 - 1,500 kg
Test LevelEN1317 - 3

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