Road Barrier Systems


    BG800® Gate is a modular safety barrier gate for carriageway crossover points allowing for emergency and maintenance access. With rapid opening features, BG800® Gate can be opened by two operatives in less than 2 minutes, smaller variants can be opened by a single operative.

    Part of the rapidly deployable, low deflection BG800® product range, the BG800® Gate can be connected to existing runs of BG800® or alternatively connected to w-beam and box beam.


    BG800® Gate can either be opened or completely disconnected, dependant on access requirements. To open the gate simply lower all sets of wheels, which simultaneously lifts the barrier and then remove the 3 gate pins. Alternatively to disconnect the gate, remove all 4 pins.

    Unit Measurements

    Standard gate lengths range from 6m-36m. These gate sizes provide openings from 4.67m and can be increased with 6m sections. With a weight of 135 kg per meter and a height of 800 mm

    Standards, Testing & Performance

    BG800® Gate has been tested in accordance with EN1317 and meets N2 W5 and H2 W8 performance standards. Accepted for use on Highways England roads. Also tested to NCHRP 350 Test Level 3.

    Containment Levels & Working Width Class

    • N2 W5
    • H2 W8


    Designed to be impacted from both sides the BG800® Gate can be used in both roadside and central reservation applications as either a permanent or temporary system, acting as a longitudinal barrier when closed. Common uses include;

    • Emergency vehicle access
    • Work zone access
    • Contraflow
    • Controlled access point


    • Temporary and permanent applications
    • Provides convenient access to authorized personnel
    • Simple and rapid opening/closing procedure
    • Smaller gates can be opened by one operative
    • Improves traffic flow in emergency situations
    • Long life cycle - 20+ years

    BG800® Range of Products

    StandardsEN1317 N2 W5 | EN1317 H2 W8 | NCHRP 350 TL-3
    DimensionsOpenings from 4.67 m
    Weight135 kg per metre

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