Road Barrier Systems

swiftgate - solar powered automated taper

The SwiftGate is the UK's first automated taper system. Designed to reduce risk by removing the need for road workers manually installing traffic management for road and lane closures. The SwiftGate pivots horizontally and offers increased visibility using a high surface of reflective material and LED lighting.

The gate arm's unique design provides strength, flexibility and durability. Manufactured with corrosion resistant materials, the SwiftGate is designed to withstand harsh roadside conditions and weather environments.

Multiple communication options allow SwiftGate to be operated, monitored and sequenced, locally and remotely. A system application may include one or
many gate modules, which can be activated individually, in sequence, in groups or as part of an overall solution that brings together various traffic devices.

Standards, Testing & Performance

The Swiftgate system has demonstrated through full scale crash testing that it meets all the criteria of NCHRP 350.


  • Ideal for work site repetitive lane closures
  • Central reservation crossover management
  • Reversible lane access control
  • Express lane access ramp control
  • Tunnel/Bridge emergency closure
  • Event traffic management
  • On-ramp and off-ramp slip road control


  • Mobile and stand alone system
  • Self powered and reusable
  • Weather proof electrical linear actuator
  • Deployment typically 23 seconds
  • Works on battery
  • Charger input can be a solar panel or an external power supply
  • Wired and wireless remote control options
Dimensions600 - 5,400 mm
StandardsNCHRP350 Crash Tested
DeploymentTypically 23 seconds

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