Our range of road barrier systems offer both temporary and permanent solutions to keep work forces safe while carrying out highways construction work whilst also keeping motorists safety front of mind.

With a strong operational team, we provide full installation of our temporary road barrier systems.

BG800 barrier

Our temporary vehicle restraint systems offer low-deflection and narrow footprints for more work zone space. Steel and concrete barriers, tested to N2 W2 and N2 W4 standards


Vehicle Incursion Gates

Our range of vehicle incursion gates are solar-powered and easily deployed, saving energy and costs. Available for longer and short-term rent.


We offer permanent vehicle restraint systems, including a timber alternative, tested to various containment levels. An aesthetic alternative to steel barriers, ideal for national parks.

End Terminals and
Crash Cushions

View our range of P1, P2 and P4 double-sided, steel, fully-repairable, end terminals.

With over 43 variants in crash cushion width size and speed performance options, we are confident we have the ideal solution you need.

SAB Gate
Barrier Gates

For emergency access and crossing points on busy motorway, our barrier gates are an ideal solution. They are compatible with our temporary VRS and tested to varying containment levels.

2018-11-20 14.49.40.jpg

We offer the UK’s first automated taper system, which operates to manually implement lane closures. Reduces risk by removing the need for road workers.

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For your road barrier needs please contact Mike Hale, Key Account Manager RBS.


Mike has been with Highway Care since 2008, he has held various positions  from Engineering to Commercial and has a great understanding of the Highways industry.

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