• High-performance barrier

  • Cost-effective

  • Easy installation

  • Galvanised & long lasting

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Suitable for highways use


  • Approved to Pas 68 level and IWA 14

  • Rental or purchase

  • Shallow anchoring

  • Easily attached to RDS fencing

  • Available in 20, 30 or 50 version



SecureGuard is a range of re-deployable, high-performance perimeter protection systems.

Available as a portable or permanent barrier solution.

Available in SecureGuard 20, 30 or 50, all approved to PAS 68* and IWA 14, delivering protection against vehicle incursions of up to 7,500 kg trucks at speeds of 20 - 50 mph.

Designed to deliver unrivalled protection, immobilising vehicles attempting to penetrate high security events or locations and cause harm or endanger pedestrians or other motorists.

The SecureGuard range can be deployed quickly with minimal disruption, typically on a short or medium term basis.

The highly re-deployable nature of the system means it can be put into position quickly and moved or reconfigured as the need arises. 

Approved to H2 & N2 containment levels for EN1317-2:1998 and Test Level 3 for NCHRP Report 350, suitable for Highways use. 

Impact Protection Speed

SecureGuard 20 at 45° impact    

32 km/h / 20 mph

SecureGuard 20 at 90° impact

48 km/h / 30 mph

SecureGuard 30 angle top 90° impact

48 km/h / 30 mph

SecureGuard 50 at 90° impact 80 km/h / 50 mph


The SecureGuard is easy to erect with road surface anchoring for temporary installations and only shallow foundations needed for permanent applications.


We work by assessing ground foundations to identify the optimum anchoring method. Our installers are fully trained in all Highway Care Security products and are proficient in working on sensitive security projects.  


Our vehicle fleet has off-loaded facilities to ensure all products are safely delivered to the required destination.


Steel cables and ancillaries can be installed to the rear of the barrier to upgrade resilience and strength against attack.


For events that require added protection at height, our own upper-security fencing can be fixed to the barrier, reducing the required footprint yet offering maximum protection in areas of restricted space.


Ideal solution for crowd-control.


Secure Guard 20 PAS 68
SecureGuard 30 PAS 68
Secure Guard 50 PAS 68
Rising Arm Barrier PAS 68
Secure Guard Pedestrian Portal
SecureGuard Hinge Accessories
Secure Guard CB
Secure Guard CB Portal
HVM Bollards
RDS Fencing Gates/Turnstiles
Secure Guard Fencing Gates
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