• Rapid deployment

  • Flexible connections

  • Strong HVM attributes

  • Aesthetically pleasing



The SecureGuard CB comes with a range of accessories to suit every project that requires security, whether on a temporary or permanent basis.

Where aesthetics are important, the SecureGuard CB can be connected to a series of black barges, which require no additional anchorage. The SecureGuard CB is a cost-effective way to add more HVM tactics to a series of barges, which can all be connected via steel anchors.

Barges can also be connected to various portals to create a perimeter around government buildings or high profile events such as Royal weddings or Remembrance Sunday.

The lozenge shape of the barge is designed in order to provide maximum vehicle stopping capability. The strength of the barges, coupled with the connection to the SecureGuard CB ensures that pedestrians are kept safe and hostile vehicles are kept at bay and prevented from entering secured areas.



  • SecureGuard CB connected to Barge Barrier V/7200[N2A]/48/90:5.5IWA14-1:2013Test –P0019– MIR


SecureGuard 20 PAS 68
SecureGuard 30 PAS 68
SecureGuard 50 PAS 68
Rising Arm Barrier PAS 68
SecureGuard Pedestrian Portal
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SecureGuard CB
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