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RB50 Moveable Vehicle Barrier

The RB50 movable modular vehicle barrier is a temporary vehicle barrier developed to protect crowded places (events, concerts, venues) from hostile or non-hostile vehicles.

The RB50 movable roadblocker uses a modular, rapidly to deploy affordable solution. Once installed, the fully galvanized steel structure protects assets from impact.

Easy storage, transport and installation in combination with minimal maintenance requirements and no breakdowns make the RB50 a certified solution for movable modular vehicle barriers.

Supply & Installation

The RB50 movable modular vehicle barrier can be equipped with the following options:

Stackable Rack
The optional stackable rack allows easy transport and storage for single or multiple RB50 units.

Roller Kit
The optional roller kit allows a single person to easily deploy and manipulate the RB50 during installation.


Features & Benefits:

- The modular approach allows flexible lengths to adapt the RB50 road barrier to any situation

- Can not be disassembled without a specific tool, may be left unattended

- “One person installation” in less than 5 minutes, no tools required

- Easy passage for pedestrians during crowd movement

- Stackable racks provide easy storage and transportation

- Hidden and protected connections

- Robust galvanized steel construction

Standards, Testing, & Performance

Certified: Impact tested (PAS68 & IWA14-1)

Length: flexible, up to 4m
Units: 7 blocking units, 27 kg per unit

Structure: 6 connection tubes, 2 end stops and 2 locking spanners

Options: storage rack (stackable) and roller kit

Case Study

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