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SecureGuard CB

SecureGuard CB is a surface mounted, cost-effective HVM perimeter barrier, providing impact protection at 90 degrees at speeds of up to 30mph with a 7500kg truck.

Not only is this a tested high performance security barrier, it is also a certified road barrier system it can also be used on perimeter roads as it is highway approved.

The system completely immobilises impacting vehicles and is resistant to secondary vehicular attacks, whilst maintaining a minimal footprint.

SecureGuard CB is readily available for emergency and planned use.

Supply & Installation

Rapidly deployed, even in congested locations, it is particularly suitable for sites where foundations are impossible.

The Secure Guard CB easily tolerates uneven ground and existing street furniture.

The system is delivered in two metre long, double block sections. Installation requires normal construction equipment.

Completely freestanding no foundation or pinning required.


High performance

Easy to use

Quick to deploy



Low maintenance

Tested with Pedestrian Portals

Available for Rental or Purchase

Standards, Testing, & Performance

BSI PAS 68 Tested.
Barrier V/7500(N2)/48/90:3.1/0.0 (90m assembly). IWA14-1 :2013.
Barrier V/7200[N2A]/48/90:5.5 (10m assembly with barges).
Highway approved barrier H2 & N2 containment under EN1317-2:1998

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