Our temporary barrier systems are a range of steel and concrete barriers, intended for different work zone needs. Both types of temporary VRS are low-deflection with a narrow footprint, allowing for larger work zone areas.


Safety is our number one priority so our temporary barriers are designed with road worker and road user protection in mind. Option of a highways fence with BG800® temporary steel barrier.

BG800 barrier

BG800® is the UK’s leading low-deflection, temporary steel barrier, tested to N2 W2 levels. Our specialist operational delivery services team install BG800 quickly and efficiently. Option of a fence with BG800® barrier for protection for road worker from falling debris.

HC 350 Cncret Barrier
HC350 Concrete Barrier

A comprehensive alternative to steel, the HC350 concrete barrier has a narrow footprint of just 350mm. A high performance, low-deflection barrier, which is the ideal solution for bridges and bottlenecks.