Tertu TimberRail is a range of high performance, quality, timber clad permanent vehicle restraint systems. These systems boast the strength and performance of steel, with the look of timber.


The Tertu TimberRail is the perfect solution for a variety of outdoor locations and developments where aesthetics as are as important as road user safety such as:


  • National parks

  • Housing developments

  • Retail parks

  • Preservation areas

  • Picnic areas

  • Areas of natural outstanding beauty

  • Country roads

  • Highways


  • Offers protection of steel barrier with a natural timber appearance

  • Variety of containment levels, working widths and post spacing options available depending on project location

  • Connection suitable with Ermes P2 End terminals, motorcycle protection and pedestrian handrails

  • Made with sustainable Douglas Fir and can be recycled at end of life

  • Bridge parapet and pedestrian parapet options available where robust safety solutions are required at height

Standards, Testing & Performance

Tertu TimberRail has been tested in accordance with EN1317. Each variation of guardrail barrier is CE rated and ISO 9001 certified

Containment Levels & Working Width Class:        

N1 W5, N2 W2, N2 W3, N2 W4,

N2 W5, N2 W6, N2 W7, H2 W5

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