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Tertu TimberRail

Scenic safety barriers for countryside locations

Vehicle restraint barriers play an important role in improving safety for rural roads. On countryside roads where there are hidden bends, narrow passing places, and sheer drops, a vehicle restraint barrier prevents a vehicle from crashing off the road.


Our Tertu TimberRail timber vehicle restraint system is especially designed for country road safety and vehicle safety in residential areas. It is the ideal wooden road safety barrier for improved country road safety, with a natural aesthetic to blend in with rural locations, areas of natural beauty and housing developments.


Why is Tertu TimberRail the best timber vehicle restraint system for rural areas?

A timber vehicle restraint system that combines the strength of steel with the natural beauty of wood, the Tertu TimberRail timber road safety barrier range enhances road safety while complementing rural locations. It is the ideal solution for improving countryside road safety while providing an effective wooden crash barrier.

Our helpful team can talk you through the technical details of the Tertu TimberRail timber vehicle restraint system range available from Highway Care and help you specify the right road safety barrier system for rural locations and housing developments. Get in touch today.



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Timber vehicle restraint system for country roads

Designed to improve country road safety, Tertu TimberRail timber crash barriers complement rural locations, protecting people and the environment. Combining a steel inner section with the beauty of Douglas Fir timber, this aesthetic wooden vehicle restraint system can be specified and installed to match the curve and camber of any country road.

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Scenic timber safety barriers for national parks and areas of natural beauty

When selecting road safety barriers for scenic locations, specifiers have a responsibility to ensure the vehicle restraint system chosen complements its surroundings. Tertu TimberRail is a robust steel barrier encased in natural timber, providing an effective timber crash barrier that blends in with its surroundings.

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Wooden road safety Barriers for housing developments

The Tertu TimberRail wooden vehicle restraint system is the ideal solution for improving road safety in residential areas. Enhancing aesthetics while preventing vehicles from leaving the road, this timber crash barrier can be used to protect homes, pavements, play areas and infrastructure.

Talk to our team about how the Tertu TimberRail timber road safety barrier system could be the ideal solution for your housebuilding development.

Need to know more about the advantages of choosing Tertu TimberRail timber vehicle restrain systems?

Here’s how the Tertu TimberRail wooden crash barrier system could meet all your rural road safety requirements:

  • A great looking timber crash barrier.

  • Excellent vehicle restraint system performance.

  • The largest range of timber clad vehicle restraint systems with W2-W7 working width ratings.

  • Available at containment levels N1, N2 and H2.

  • Suitable for high speed and rural roads.

  • The timber cladding has a 10-year guarantee.

  • Anticipated lifespan of 20+ years.

  • Accessories and complementary road safety products available.

  • Can be installed with SMA Ermes P4 terminals, with optional powder coating for a timber aesthetic.

  • Standard post spacing of 4m reduces costs and installation times.

  • 2m post spacing is available for up to minimum of 20° radius for most systems.

  • 14 Guardrails versions are CE certified and 4 are also UKCA certified




+44 (0) 344 840 0088



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