The S-A-B gate is a steel gate, designed for both emergency crossing points (ECPs) and motorway crossing points (MCPs). The CE marked S-A-B Gate is the longest opening gate available.


The S-A-B offers quick access through the central reserve barrier on a dual-carriageway or motorway, allowing for emergency vehicles to cross over lanes or for traffic to be diverted in case of accidents.


The S-A-B Gate possesses CE compliant transitions and can be connected to concrete barriers and steel barrier. The S-A-B Gate is currently installed at the Dartford Crossing, M4 and M26, where rapid opening solutions are required.

Supply and install.png

Supply & Installation

The S-A-B gate system is a unique solution and can be opened fully or in part as required and can be opened by hand, without the need for any tools.


It can be connected to concrete step barriers and in any concrete or steel barrier.

Several units can be joined together to suit various opening widths.


Each unit also has wheels, which when deployed, allow individual sections or the complete gate to be opened.



  • Quick and easy to install, no foundation required

  • No tools required - can be opened at any joint by hand

  • Modular - easily broken into small sections for ease of opening

  • Can be connected to steel or concrete vehicle restraint systems

  • Impacted or damaged systems are quickly and easily replaced

  • CE compliant transitions

Standard, testing and performance.png

Standards, Testing & Performance

Tested to Highways England BS EN 1317 Part 2 at performance levels N2 and H2

Lengths       8.68-108.5m                     

Weight        123kg per metre                         

Width          500mm                           

Height         1100mm

Test Level    EN 1317-2-4